As Nerac has grown from a trial run experiment to a multi-million dollar corporation, our goal has remained the same;  to help drive our clients’ continued growth and success.  Nerac’s leadership team continues to chart the path for Nerac’s growth into the future.

Management Team

Kevin Bouley

Kevin Bouley, President & CEO

"Innovation and idea creation are the buzz and currency of the 21st century marketplace. But innovation without market application is an unrealized opportunity. At Nerac we strive to create value for customers by distilling simplicity and purpose in a world of nearly infinite choices amid information chaos."[Read More]

Betsy Petrie

Betsy Petrie, Vice President of Operations

"One of the best things about managing a company like Nerac is the opportunity to work with highly motivated, extremely smart people who make a difference in our clients' companies."[Read More]

Emma Palmacci

Emma Palmacci, Vice President, Research Services

"It’s not a surprise that our analysts are working with some of the truly novel innovations of our time, given that chemistry and engineering are fundamental disciplines to so many industries. Whether it’s a new material for automotive parts that make cars lighter and therefore more gas efficient, or improving our health care system with the use of wireless technology, our analysts help evaluate new technologies and navigate the patent and market intelligence for our clients."[Read More]