Kevin  Closson

Kevin Closson

“Increasing profitability is possible in two ways – increasing revenue or decreasing expenses.  Increasing revenue means identifying and exploiting new markets.  At Nerac, we help clients do just that – apply their core expertise in new ways.”
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Analyst Kevin Closson helps companies to look beyond their business today to see how internal and external forces will shape their futures. He works with clients to identify both new markets for existing products and potential markets for new products. He evaluates the technical features of highly complex components and systems, assesses the intellectual property aspects, and applies his ten years of industry experience in telecommunications, optics and electronics to inform his recommendations.

As a telecom network planner for Verizon before joining Nerac, he was responsible for the planning and engineering of the entire eastern Pennsylvania telecom backbone. In that role, he gained extensive experience with all major telecommunications products and equipment, including FTTx, ROADMs, and IP over SONET. He also worked for fiber optic and electronics manufacturing firms in a variety of roles, including manufacturing and design engineer, product manager, and sales engineer. Mr. Closson has experience in off-shore technology transfer, having planned and executed the off-shoring of an entire manufacturing department. He also has experience in competitive intelligence, product management, and the commercialization of fundamental scientific and engineering research.

Mr. Closson earned both his master's in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland and his M.B.A. from the University of Baltimore the same year.


  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • M.B.A., University of Baltimore
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University



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  • Closson, K, “The Role of Intellectual Property Policy in Creating a Global Sustainable Energy Infrastructure,” IEEE Energy 2030 Conference, Atlanta, 2008

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Kevin Closson presents at Thermal Management Technology Symposium, September 2008

Thermal Management Technology Symposium 2008
September 25-26, Austin, TX

Nerac Analyst Kevin Closson will present “Emerging Thermal Management Market Opportunities.”

Kevin Closson presents at International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS), October 2008

Nerac Analyst Kevin Closson will present “Thermal Management in the Renewable Energy Market”  at the Advanced Technology Workshop on Thermal Management hosted by the International Microelectronics and Packaging Society on Oct. 13-16, 2008 in Palt Alto, CA.

Kevin Closson presents at IEEE Energy 2030 Conference

Nerac Analyst Kevin Closson is speaking at the IEEE Energy 2030 conference on global sustainable energy infrastructure on Nov. 2008. Learn more, please click here.

Nerac Analysts Present at Design & Manufacturing New England | April 22, 2009

Join us in Boston, MA where Nerac Analyst Rosemarie Szostak is presenting “Innovating Green: Beating the Competition in an Uncertain World” and Nerac Analyst Kevin Closson is presenting “Keep it to Yourself: How Your Company's Knowledge Can Make Money.”

Nerac Analysts Dhanashree Bairat, Steve Pearson and Kevin Clossson present at CleanTech 09

May 3-7, 2009 | Houston, TX

Clean Technology is a multi-disciplinary and multi-sector conference addressing advancements in traditional technologies, emerging technologies and clean business practices applied towards a more sustainable future.  Read more.

Nerac Analyst Kevin Closson to speak at APEC 2010

Nerac Analyst Kevin Closson will speak on power electronics for alternative energy at the APEC 2010 - Applied Power Electronics Conference, Feb 25, 2010, in Palm Springs, CA.
To learn more, click here

Nerac Analyst Kevin Closson published in October 09 issue of SPIE Professional

Kevin Closson’s article “Patent Pools:  Are they right for your business?” was published in the October issue of SPIE Professional Magazine.

Click here to read the article.


Automotive Start-Stop Systems and Energy Storage: Challenges, Technologies & Opportunities

This is an example of a market overview based on a Nerac Research and Advisory Services request.

Custom Briefing: Advances in the Clean Coal Sector

This is an example of a Custom Briefing, offered as part of Nerac's Research & Advisory services.

Custom Briefings are designed to keep you up to date on vital technology trends, competitive intelligence and key market indicators so that you can make informed decisions on a timely basis.

Based on your criteria, Nerac’s expert analysts will review critical new information so that your key people don’t spend valuable time vetting volumes of irrelevant or unimportant updates. The Nerac team will concentrate solely on technology and market information essential to your company’s success and will deliver the work in a concise and actionable format according to your needs.


Syndicated Market Research Report | Clean Coal Technologies

This syndicated market research report addresses the global market for clean coal technologies. The report covers combustion technologies (gasification, fluidized bed, supercritical/ultra-supercritical and oxy-fuel combustion); post combustion emissions reduction technologies (filters, electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers and catalytic reduction systems); and carbon capture (both pre- and post-combustion), transport, sequestration and monitoring.



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