Nerac, Inc.

Research and Advisory Services

Nerac is a global research and advisory services firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies.

Expert Research and Advisory Services

Nerac provides indispensable insights for pivotal business decisions. Specializing in technical market research, medical device regulatory, and compliance requirements, our team delivers trustworthy information essential for technology development, market expansion, and IP strategy formulation. We excel in technical research & analysis and are at the forefront of identifying and navigating disruptive technologies. Our comprehensive approach includes evaluating diverse industry resources, ensuring a holistic solution for our clients’ research needs.

Guide and support new product development, monitor safety and performance of products, and provide pre- and post-regulatory assistance.

An unbiased, expert review of opportunities and threats within the Intellectual Property landscape.

Review, analyze, and organize technical, business, and market information to give you real-time updates and automated alerts.

Identify, evaluate, and exploit emerging and disruptive technologies.

Bringing products to market quickly and successfully, from concept to commercialization.

Continually monitor technology developments to ensure alignment between business objectives and risk exposure.

Periodic custom briefings on key market developments relevant to your business.

Getting Started is Easy.

Nerac does more than provide data to our clients. Learn how we can become a valuable part of your team, offering insights for better, faster business decisions.

Technical Expertise Paired with Honed Research Skill Behind Every Project.

Nerac analysts help our clients identify emerging trends and technologies, innovative product and technology development opportunities, competitive threats, intellectual property strategies and regulatory compliance requirements.

Founded in 1966 to disseminate NASA technology, Nerac has been providing authoritative expert and confidential research and analysis for nearly 60 years. From deployment of space-age technology, to Industry 4.0, and every big thing in-between, Nerac continues to help clients identify and harness opportunity.

Throughout the many industry transformations, Nerac has a proven tenure as a trusted research partner to its clients including over 25% of the Fortune 500.

Nerac analysts are subject matter experts, with over 100 patent publications combined, that have earned advanced degrees in a variety of technical disciplines including biochemistry, biological engineering, cell & molecular biology, chemical engineering, chemistry, environmental health, mathematics, metallurgy, microbiology, neuroscience, organic chemistry, physics and polymer chemistry, combined with expertise in business disciplines including finance, international business, operations management, and strategic marketing.

With experience and expertise in business disciplines ranging from finance and international business to operation management and strategic marketing, Nerac becomes your trusted partner.

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