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Keeping up to date on key technology trends, regulatory monitoring, competitive intelligence, and market indicators is a full-time job in today’s dynamic market.

How do you spot advances that matter to your business, both from within your market, as well as adjacent ones? How are you adopting the right technologies amidst the Industry 4.0 revolution, for instance?

Nerac can help!

Nerac’s Critical Updates service is designed to keep clients up to date on key technologies and disruptive innovations relevant to their business. With Nerac’s new Global Tech Watch Alerts, we are offering a way to sample our Critical Updates service, delivering the latest business news and technology developments…. for free!

Once you see how valuable this information can be to your ongoing business, market and product development strategies and decision-making process, upgrade to the full service and you can fully customize Nerac’s Global Tech Watch Alerts to your specific needs and schedule. Try it out today!

Nerac monitors filing activity across the major patent authorities (US, EP, JP, etc.), non-patent literature from multiple publication sources, print and online journals, technical papers, and many different databases to gather the data and information critical for to your business.

You can opt in for up to three of the alerts within this broad series. To see if you like it, try it for free for a limited time and let us know what you think!

Click the Categories Below to See Our List of Global Tech Watch Alerts:

At any time during the trial period, we invite you to reach out to Nerac to discuss options for a more focused research product to suit your needs.

If you need something more targeted now, click here to get in touch with our expert analysts.

The results will be delivered weekly on Wednesdays at approximately 6am EST.

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