Latex Paints: New Products with Better Performance Enter the Marketplace

By Richard Maldanis, Ph.D.

Originally Published August 10, 2015

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Monitoring Latex Paints

Whether trying to stay aware of competitors, or seeking alternative chemicals to utilize in product development, it is important to actively monitor new offerings within a given market to stay ahead of industry practices. One such area that is constantly innovating is within latex paints, as formulators continue to develop new paint systems that have improved performance attributes. These include increased hideability, dirty resistance, color stability, improved adhesion to surfaces and bacterial resistance. Also, specialty chemical companies continue to create new additives to use in these paint systems to offer improved attributes to the paint composition. Here is a brief look at recent developments in these areas:

Sico Paint

Sico Paint, part of PPG architectural coatings, has recently introduced two new lines of interior latex paints. The Sico Muse paint and primer in one product is an acrylic latex paint formulation that is based around their Touch Resist Technology. This is claimed to offer color richness and depth while being resilient to scratches and stains. While offering additional attributes such as excellent hiding power, mildew resistance and low odor, this paint is available in both soft matte and soft gloss finishes for interior applications.

This company also released their Evolution brand of interior paints. This 2-in-1 paint and primer is based around their DurabiliT technology with polymers that is believed to offer improved hiding, washability and scrubbability.

Sto AG

Sto AG recently developed a new interior wall paint called StoColor Titanium ASE. This coating system is stated to be highly durable, retaining its soft matte appearance even in heavy traffic areas such as stair wells, foyers or gyms. Its functionalized filler design is claimed to offer this attribute.

Kelly-Moore Paints

Kelly-Moore Paints new line of 100% acrylic interior paints called DuraPoxy includes an anti-microbial agent to control odors. This paint is claimed to produce a hard and durable epoxy like finish that is both stain resistant and has strength against repeated washings.

Ashland Specialty Ingredients

Ashland Specialty Ingredients has recently introduced Strodex FT-68, a low-VOC surfactant for waterborne architectural coatings. This surfactant does not include alkylphenol ethoxylates and allows paint formulators to lower or eliminate the glycol content in their formulations, thus making the paint more environmentally friendly. This surfactant is also claimed to offer superior stability to latex paints, including freeze-thaw as well as mechanical stability.

Dow Corning

Dow Corning has developed a new leveling and slip agent that can be used in waterborne paints and inks. Their Dow Corning 8526 additive is a high performance silicone polyether that is compatible with a number of binder systems including acrylic, epoxy, and polyester formulations and can be diluted with water and solvent systems offering greater formulation versatility. This additive can be used in low addition levels, thus allowing for reduced formulation costs.

Dow Corning also has introduced a low odor and VOC siloxane additive called 700P. This can be used as a new pigment dispersant at dosage levels of 10-15% offering better titanium pigment dispersions in paints. Higher gloss, lower haze, resistance to yellowing at high temperatures and low pigment flooding have also been demonstrated with this additive in dispersions.

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