Eunice White, Executive Director of Business Development

As the Executive Director of Business Development, Eunice brings over 20 years of experience in customer relationship management. She proactively develops and facilitates effective ‘partnerships’ with internal and external clients, decision makers and influencers at multiple levels. Providing her expertise and insight into marketing, lead generation, lead nurturing and the full range of sales tasks required to maintain or grow each business sector.

Eunice transitioned into the research and advisory service after a career in Digital Media Advertising working for The Hartford Courant, Tribune Publishing Company. Her career in advertising required a high frequency of touch points to insure all campaigns launched and delivered effectively and that she and her staff were fluent in the latest digital offerings for their clients. These same attributes apply well to our Nerac philosophy and consultative approach, which makes Eunice a valued member of the leadership team.

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“The basis of Business Development is about creating long term value or long term positive image of an organization in the minds of customers, stakeholders, markets and so on. The process of business development is all about identifying these interconnected networks, which will create new opportunities for growth.”