Nerac Announces New Global Tech Watch Alert Series

Free trial of Nerac’s automated alert service delivering the latest market news and technology developments

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December 6, 2023, Tolland, CT. Nerac Inc., a global research and advisory firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies, is pleased to announce the launch of its new, free service, called the Global Tech Watch Alert Series!

Nerac has provided its valuable automated alert service for over 50 years, designed to keep clients up to date on key technology trends, regulatory monitoring, competitive intelligence, disruptive innovations and market indicators in today’s dynamic market.

With Nerac’s new Global Tech Watch Alert Series, clients can sample the automated alert service, for a limited time…. for free! The series offers a variety of high-level topics of interest, and results are provided in a weekly summary. Clients can easily upgrade to refine or expand a particular search to their specific requirements.

“Over the years, our automated alert service has helped countless companies stay ahead of competition, bring products to market more efficiently, even decide where to enter a new market or utilize M&A strategies,” said Kevin Bouley, President and CEO of Nerac. “The Global Tech Watch Series allows companies not familiar with this service, to see the kind of results we get using our exclusive, proprietary databases and our Analysts’ unparalleled expertise in search strategies, completely free for a limited time. We look forward to helping new clients see the incredible value that this critical information can provide to them.”

To learn more about the Global Tech Watch Series, visit the web site here.

About Nerac
Nerac Inc. is a global research and advisory firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies. Nerac provides expert insights that equip clients with the knowledge to develop or refine a technology, explore market growth opportunities, evaluate intellectual property strategies and respond to regulatory changes. Nerac serves approximately 5,000 users worldwide and delivers over 12,000 research projects and custom alerts each year. Nerac has a long, successful consulting history in a wide-range of industries with significant expertise and extensive data resources supporting client requests in the areas of technology scouting, IP, medical device, engineering, chemistry and advanced materials.

Press Contact: Susan Lucek, Marketing Manager

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