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Nerac reviews, analyzes, and organizes technical, business and market information to give you real-time updates and alerts.

We help you construct actionable plans based on a rigorous assessment of the information and data results based on your customized requirements.


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Be Informed, Inspired, & Empowered with Nerac’s Critical Updates!

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, staying updated on technology trends, regulatory monitoring, and competitive intelligence is crucial.

Our Automated Alerts provide real-time insights into key technologies, market shifts, and the disruptive forces shaping your industry. By monitoring filings from major patent authorities (USPTO, EPO, JPO, etc.), tracking patent citations, and analyzing an array of non-patent literature, we ensure you’re at the cutting edge of business and technical market trends.

Nerac customizes this intelligence to your specific needs, delivering it in the format you need, with the option for in-depth personal briefings. Explore how our Automated Alerts and Custom Briefings can empower your team today.

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Learn How You can Leverage and Benefit from Nerac’s Unique Resources.

Nerac’s analysts have backgrounds in the electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering disciplines, and collaborate with analysts from other industries such as chemistry/materials, medical devices, food and dietary supplements, energy and pharmaceuticals to develop the research team appropriate for your specific needs.

With Nerac, you get:

  • The latest business news and technology developments at the university and company levels, fully customized to your requirements and schedule.
  • Subject matter experts that research, analyze, and advise clients looking to understand the intellectual property, business, and regulatory dynamics occurring in their markets.

  • Confidential and authoritative expertise from our team to help clarify business and technology strategies.

  • Streamlined structural costs and reduced research bottlenecks to maximize technology development and commercialization.
  • The ability to let your innovators focus on innovation.

Nerac Analysts Have Experience In Areas That Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Business Opportunity Identification and Vetting
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property
  • Diligence and Risk Mitigation

  • Market Assessment

  • Medical Device / Regulatory
  • Regulatory Policy

  • Strategic Alliance Services

  • Technology and Innovation Scouting

The Nerac Difference

Nerac’s services enable clients to quickly expand their in-house research operation with exceptional expertise and scalable capability. While many consulting and outsourcing firms focus on serving large project customers, Nerac is one of the few firms in the market focused on providing an attractive choice for clients seeking rapid response research and advisory services for mission-critical engagements that require highly experienced expert advisors in a wide variety of disciplines.

Nerac Subscription Benefits

A Nerac subscription offers a convenient and affordable option for those customers who use our service often. Take a closer look at the biggest benefits of a subscription:

  • Convenience
  • Scalability
  • Improved retention, expanding tools for employees
  • Personalized services
  • Analyst On-Demand Support
  • Cost savings
  • Direct open line of communication with the service provider
  • Higher customer engagement, better business relationships
  • Easier financial forecasting / cash flow management

Interested in Learning About How a Nerac Subscription Can Benefit Your Company?

Meet Our Critical Alert Experts!

Ben Bahavar, Ph.D.

Erica Kramer, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Magee, BSME, MBA

Priscilla S. Monarca, M.P.H.

Your trusted source for breaking news and expert analysis

Richard Hendriks, Ph.D.

Richard Maldanis, Ph.D.

Rosemarie Szostak, Ph.D.

We’re Here When You Need Help

Nerac does more than provide data to our clients. We become a valuable part of your team, offering insights for better, faster business decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Critical Updates

Nerac’s Critical Updates service aims to empower organizations by delivering real-time insights into competitive movements, market trends, and comprehensive industry analyses. This crucial intelligence is tailored to inform strategic decision-making, enabling businesses to respond proactively to the dynamic market landscape.
By scanning and analyzing a vast array of information sources, Nerac ensures that businesses receive highly customized updates delivered to straight their inbox or available to access through our Customer Access portal. This approach keeps companies not just informed but strategically aligned with the latest market developments and ahead of potential disruptions.
The service is invaluable for businesses of all sizes and across sectors aiming to maintain or achieve a competitive advantage. It helps those who need to stay updated on rapid market changes, competitor strategies, and industry shifts.
Subscribers can anticipate receiving a curated mix of insights tailored to their specific industry and company needs. This includes nuanced competitive intelligence, trend analysis, regulatory updates, and other pivotal news affecting their sector.
With timely and pertinent information, businesses are equipped to make strategic decisions more effectively. This enables not only capitalizing on immediate opportunities but also developing long-term strategies to mitigate potential risks.
Recognizing the unique needs of each business, Nerac’s service offers personalized updates. This customizable approach ensures that the intelligence provided is directly relevant to each subscriber’s specific industry challenges and opportunities.

Our Critical Updates Articles

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    This article explores AI and the some of the potential applications, implications and costs for unprepared industry.

  • It has been two decades since scientists learned to mimic the ability of the gecko to adhere to any surface reversibly. The critical question is whether this biomimetic technology has found commercial application.

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