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Nerac recognizes careful portfolio management as a critical enabler for innovative organizations aiming to stay at the cutting edge of technology advancement, maximize the return on innovation investments and compete successfully in crowded and diverse markets.

Nerac has decades of proven success helping clients protect and leverage their portfolios, reduce product development cycle times and bring new products to market quickly and efficiently.


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A sampling of sectors where we have experience include:

  • Advanced materials: polymers, ceramics, coatings & adhesives, composites, metallurgy and others

  • Energy: oil and gas, solar, renewables and others

  • Medical Devices: cardiovascular, dentistry, medical diagnostics, imaging, orthopedics and others

  • Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical/Drug Development

  • Engineering-based Technologies: optical engineering, electronic devices, optoelectronics, semiconductors, communications, automotive, aerospace, machinery and others

Unlock the Potential of Your IP Portfolio with Nerac’s Strategic Insight!

Our sophisticated analytics empower you to assess the risk across your intellectual property assets, guiding you to make informed decisions on whether to enhance your R&D efforts, secure patents, or pursue licensing to optimize profit margins for new technologies.

Discover how Nerac can support your IP management goals:

  • Assistance with Patent Prior Art, Freedom to Operate, and Invalidity Searches.
  • Services for Patent Licensing and Commercialization.

  • Comprehensive Patent Landscape Analysis.

  • In-depth IP Due Diligence, including Novelty, Clearance, Freedom to Operate, Infringement, Invalidation, and State of the Art evaluations.

Learn How You can Leverage and Benefit from Nerac’s Unique Resources.

Nerac’s IP analysts have backgrounds in the electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering disciplines, and collaborate with analysts from other industries such as chemistry/materials, medical devices, food and dietary supplements, energy and pharmaceuticals to develop the research team appropriate for your specific needs.

What You Can Expect From Nerac

  • Seasoned technical researchers with in-depth market knowledge and access to global database resources
  • Flexible, reliable, cost effective results, customized to your needs

  • Collaboration from project scope to client deliverable

  • Guidance for best practices and most efficient approach

  • Unbiased, third-party evaluation

  • Peace of Mind

Nerac Analysts Have Experience In Areas That Include, But Are Not Limited To:

  • Business Opportunity Identification and Vetting
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Intellectual Property
  • Diligence and Risk Mitigation

  • Market Assessment

  • Medical Device / Regulatory
  • Regulatory Policy

  • Strategic Alliance Services

  • Technology and Innovation Scouting

The Nerac Difference

Nerac’s services enable clients to quickly expand their in-house research operation with exceptional expertise and scalable capability. While many consulting and outsourcing firms focus on serving large project customers, Nerac is one of the few firms in the market focused on providing an attractive choice for clients seeking rapid response research and advisory services for mission-critical engagements that require highly experienced expert advisors in a wide variety of disciplines.

Nerac Subscription Benefits

A Nerac subscription offers a convenient and affordable option for those customers who use our service often. Take a closer look at the biggest benefits of a subscription:

  • Convenience
  • Scalability
  • Improved retention, expanding tools for employees
  • Personalized services
  • Analyst On-Demand Support
  • Cost savings
  • Direct open line of communication with the service provider
  • Higher customer engagement, better business relationships
  • Easier financial forecasting / cash flow management

Interested in Learning About How a Nerac Subscription Can Benefit Your Company?

Meet Our Intellectual Property Analysts!

Ben Bahavar,

Jeffrey Magee,

Richard Hendriks,

Richard Maldanis,

Rosemarie Szostak,

We’re Here When You Need Help

Nerac does more than provide data to our clients. We become a valuable part of your team, offering insights for better, faster business decisions.

Our Intellectual Property Articles

  • Looking back at historic economic downturns, companies who commit to innovating have won in the long run.

  • Clients trying to understand how their business is evolving can benefit from taking a step back to look at the current state of intellectual property. A patent landscape analysis helps Nerac clients quickly assess their position within a technology area in terms of their business objectives. The insights can help support critical decisions on new product introduction, go-to-market strategy and market positioning, structural cost adjustments, and more.

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